I had severe neuropathy in my feet for 8 – 9 years and progressively got worse the past few years. As a combat medical tech in Vietnam, I had first-hand experience treating patients with various conditions progressing and worsening. Prior to using Replexa+, I had trouble sleeping, walking, and doing normal everyday activities and having to use a walker. My neuropathy affected everything my life from my work to my relationships due to the pain and discomfort I had every day. After about 6 weeks and continuing to use Replexa+ as prescribed for another 3 months, the severe feelings I had: shooting pain, cold and hot sensations, etc., started to subside and my skin color and swelling in my feet had improved greatly to the point where I felt my neuropathy was practically gone. I now walk without a walker and able to ride a bike … Replexa+ has absolutely improved my life.

Manuel M.
Martinez Outpatient Clinic - Martinez, CA

I went repeatedly to doctors and was given anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) which never worked and I continued to have pain along an enlarged vein across the top of my foot. I started using Replexa+ about 6 months ago and I started to see positive results after the first few weeks! There was less pain and the enlarged vein seemed smaller. After a few more weeks, it was clear Replexa+ was improving my condition and I am happy to say that I no longer need pain medications for my feet or ankles and the vein remains normal with regular use of Replexa+. It is great to have an alternative to harmful drugs!

Pamela S.
The Villages OPC - The Villages, FL

Prior to using Replexa+ I would get monthly neuropathy attacks. While using Replexa+ I never had these attacks. I would tell other Veterans to try Replexa+ as it worked great for me and when using Replexa+ I no longer had to worry about neuropathy attacks.

Louis K.
The Villages OPC - The Villages, FL

I swear by the Replexa+. I have suffered from chronic plantar fasciitis on both feet since the early 1990s with severe pain when on and off my feet. I am very thankful that the VA prescribed this treatment and it worked. My pain is down, I can go on walks now, and I feel great.

Michael P.
Hunter Holmes McGuire VAMC - Richmond, VA