In-Service Checklist

Do they understand how to use it? *
• Plug it in, turn it on, press the button. • Touch the black side of the applicator.
Do they know when to use it? *
• Twice a day, 8-12 hours apart. • Back-to-back is not likely to be as beneficial as 8-12 hours apart
Did you help them schedule treatments into their day? *
• While you’re eating breakfast and with the evening news. • In bed before you get up and before you fall asleep.
Did you help them set up a treatment station? *
• Where to sit and leave the device for easy access every day/night. • How to position the applicator(s) for the best energy coverage. • How to use pillows, tape or bandages to hold the applicators in place.
Do they understand how the technology works? *
• Replexa+ is shortwave diathermy, electromagnetic energy. • Indicated to relieve pain, increase blood flow and stimulate cellular activity.
Do they know what to expect to feel during treatment? *
• Most patients don’t feel anything • Some patients say they feel a warming sensation, hum or slight tingle
Do they know what to when to expect to feel improvement? *
• A noticeable change is likely to happen in the first 30 days. • The better they are at getting their treatments in, the faster the results. • Patients typically have the device for 90+ days.
Do they know whom to call if they have any questions or issues with the device? *
• ProMedTek toll-free number on the Instruction Manual and device. • 866-388-2410
(Haptic 1501+)
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